Hi it's Max, people might try to find me so I'll say I'm in the Bay Area, if you want to know what I cosplay just ask, I may make a section for that. I try to stay away from political things but they slip through, I'm mainly Homestuck and OFF, but I'm into other things. Also birds. Mainly pigeons. I queue things a lot so that's a thing too.
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This is Jaidin Lockhart, a large part of the Bay Area Homestuck community. It has come to my attention that recently that she has been a complete creep to people that I am very close with. I’m making this post because I knew that she was a creep, but I didn’t know how bad, it’s a lot worse than I thought.

When you ask her her age, her answer is different every time, but from a collective knowledge of who she is, we estimate her age to be around 26 years old. She touches under aged people inappropriately, takes advantage of people sexually, and it’s been spread around that she has raped someone, though it could’ve been speculation unless someone comes forward. (Someone has come forward saying they were taken advantage of while intoxicated, as well as for 6 months, though I don’t know the details I would consider this rape).

I’ve opened up my ask box on a mostly dead tumblr account for victims to come forward and tell me anonymously more information they think should be said, one person told me about how she’s been taken advantage of over six months, not knowing she wasn’t the only one, was also taken advantage of while intoxicated. Someone else sent me a conversation where she was extremely public about inappropriate subject matter (in front of minors) and even after being told to please stop, continued to the uncomfort of multiple people.

Jaidin will approach you in a sweet way. She’ll try to be your friend, shower you with compliments, flirt with you, try to make you feel good about yourself… But the truth is that her intentions are anything but good. She’ll butter you up and then suddenly she’ll start saying things that make you uncomfortable. For instance, she loved my cosplay (which exposed my stomach) so much she would say things like “I want to do body shots off your tummy.” From there things will only get worse. Trust me”

The ask for victims is still open on my dead account Kinkerbull for anyone who wants to come forward and have people know their experience, anonymity guaranteed.

Her tumblr is cyanidecatnip

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